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Embark on a journey with MyAfrica Travel, where passion meets purpose to redefine your South African adventures. Founded by two dynamic couples who share an insatiable wanderlust and a profound love for the enchanting landscapes of South Africa, our platform is dedicated to illuminating the hidden gems and must-visit attractions that often elude even the most seasoned travelers.

The origin of MyAfrica Travel sprouted from the collective experiences of these two couples, whose extensive exploration of South Africa unearthed a glaring need for curated guidance in discovering the country’s diverse wonders. Vince & Meg, born and raised amidst the rich tapestry of South Africa, brings forth an unparalleled wealth of indigenous knowledge. Their intimate understanding of the intricacies of each region, coupled with insights into the most picturesque routes, ensures an unparalleled holiday experience.

Complementing this native expertise is Nike & Linda, avid travelers with a penchant for South Africa’s allure. Their frequent visits have bestowed them with a profound understanding of the country’s charm, making them invaluable guides for European travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of South Africa. Their perspective offers a unique blend of familiarity and discovery, catering to the desires and curiosities of international explorers.

At MyAfrica Travel, we are driven by our shared passion for exploration and a deep-seated commitment to travel with purpose. Every itinerary we craft is infused with meticulous attention to detail, designed to unlock the essence of South Africa and leave an indelible mark on your journey. Proceeds of each booking go to our Non-Profit Organization that helps and empowers those in need in South Africa as well as contributing to the de-horning operations provided by Nkumbi Rhino.

Whether you’re craving the adrenaline rush of a safari adventure, yearning for the tranquility of pristine beaches, or eager to savor the flavors of local cuisine, we curate experiences that resonate with your soul.

Beyond merely showcasing South Africa’s iconic landmarks, our mission extends to spotlighting the lesser-known treasures that lie off the beaten path. From quaint villages steeped in history to hidden waterfalls nestled amidst verdant forests, we invite you to embrace the serendipitous moments that await around every corner.

Join us at MyAfrica Travel, where each expedition is not just a voyage, but a transformative odyssey imbued with purpose and passion. Let us be your guides as you navigate the kaleidoscopic wonders of South Africa and forge memories to last a lifetime.


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